Why Should You Consider a Demo?

Our solutions aren’t for everyone

If you don’t care about reducing your water expenses, or if this is for your home, we can’t do much for you.

But, if you:

  • Manage corporate or multi-family residential properties
  • Want to add predictability to your water bills
  • Want to prevent indoor water issues before they become a problem
  • Want to meet sustainability goals
  • Want to reduce your water consumption and costsbanyan-home-laptop-cell-ipad.png

If you identify with any of those, then a demo is a good step to see if you will benefit from Banyan Water Central. You will get a free water audit with projected savings. If we can’t help you, we will let you know. If we can, we will estimate how much.


In 2016 alone, Banyan Water saved clients 323 million gallons of water, representing a 52% savings. That’s enough water to supply about 26,000 homes for a month.